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Kota Ezawa: The Crime of Art

Radius Books, Santa Fe, 2017
with contributions by Irene Hofmann, Niko Vicario, and Jordan Kantor

112 pages

May Stevens – Rosa Luxemburg

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2019

66 pages

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Donald Sultan: Mimosas, Paintings & Drawings

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2019
with contribution by Jordan Karney Chaim

36 pages

Sandy Skoglund

Silvana Editoriale, Milano, 2019
written by Germano Celant 349 pages

Gabriel Lester’s Cinema Without a Camera

LesterWorks, Amsterdam, 2019
with text by Gabriel Lester

146 pages

Tim Braden: Looking and Painting

Art Books Publishing Ltd, 2018
with contributions by Christopher Bedford, Jennifer Higgie, and Dominic Molon
160 pages

Donald Sultan: The Theater of The Object

Vendome Press, New York, 2018
with contributions by Carter Ratcliff and John B. Ravenal 271 pages

Contagious Cities

Wellcome Trust, London, 2018
22 pages

Michael Mazur: Late Drawings

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2018

138 pages

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Ross Waves

Boca Raton Museum of Art, 2019
with contributions by Irvin Lippman and Phyllis Rose

72 pages

Abstract Expressionism, Looking East from the Far West

Honolulu Museum of Art, 2017
with contributions by Sean O'Harrow, Theresa Papanikolas, and Stephen Salel 111 pages

Hung Liu: Daughter of China, Resident Alien

Katzen Center at the American University Museum, 2016
with contributions by David Pagel, Jeff Kelley, Peter Selz, and John Yau. 83 pages

Ballpoint Art

Laurence King Publishing, 2016
Written by Trent Morse 176 pages

Elegies: Sleep, Napalm, Night Sky

The Ohio State University Gallery of Fine Art, Columbus, 1987
with essay by Donald Kuspit

114 pages

Sandy Skoglund

Paci Contemporary, Brescia, 2015
with contributions by Christian Larrain and Demetrio Paparoni

60 pages

Anne-Karin Furunes: Into The Image With Light


with contributions by Anne Marit Mevassvik, Ivan Vigenes, Jarle Førde, Maaretta Jaukkuri, Anne-Gro Erikstad

85 pages

Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu

Oakland Museum of California, 2013
with contributions by Wu Hung, Yiyun Li, Rene De Guzman, Karen Smith, Stephanie Hanor, Bill Berkson. 216 pages

Hung Liu: Portraits of Promised Lands

National Portrait Gallery, 2021
with contributions by Dorothy Moss, Nancy Lim, Lucy R. Lippard, and Elizabeth Partridge. 224 pages

Scenic Microcosms: Wallpapered Rooms Painted by Andrew Raftery

Andrew Raftery, 2023

contribution by Ethel Renia

George Miyasaki: Deep Space (1981-1989)

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2022
36 pages Click to view


RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2022
36 pages Click to view  

Vivian Browne: Africa Series 1971-1974

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2022

68 pages

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Friends and Agitators: Emma Amos, Camille Billops, Vivian Browne, and May Stevens 1965-1993

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2021
155 pages Click to view

Friends and Agitators: Emma Amos, Camille Billops, Vivian Browne, and May Stevens 1965 – 1993

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2021

155 pages

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Friends and Agitators: Emma Amos, Camille Billops, Vivian Browne, and May Stevens 1965 – 1993

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2021

155 pages

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Friends and Agitators: Emma Amos, Camille Billops, Vivian Browne, and May Stevens 1965 – 1993

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2021

155 pages

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Hurricane Waves: Clifford Ross

Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, 2015
with contributions by Phong Bui and Peng Feng

93 pages

Emma Amos: Color Odyssey

Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, 2021
with contributions by Shawnya Harris, Lisa Farrington, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Laurel Garber, Kay Walkingstick, and Phoebe Wolfskill. 192 pages  

Herbert Gentry: Paris and Beyond 1949 -1978

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2020

with contributions by Gretchen Wagner

74 pages

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Beauty Reigns

McNay Art Museum, 2014

with contributions by William Chiego, René Paul Barilleaux, Stephen Westfall, and Lilly Wei

145 pages

Emma Amos: Falling Figures

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2020

50 pages

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Josh Dorman: Higher Ground

Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery, Georgia Statue University, 2020
with contributions by Stephanie Kolpy and Michael Chabon 42 pages

Angiola Gatti

Galleria The Box,
with contributions by Lisa Parola

32 pages

Vivian Browne: Little Men

RYAN LEE Gallery, New York, 2019

42 pages

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May Stevens: Ordinary Extraordinary

Universe Books, New York, 1988
with contributions by Melissa Dabakis, Janis Bell and Reese Williams

64 pages

Hung Liu: Now and Then

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, The University of Oklahoma, 2008
with contributions by Ghislain d'Humieres, Melissa Chu, and Alan Atkinson. 20 pages

Herbert Gentry: The Man – The Master – The Magic

G.R. N'Namdi Gallery INC, Chicago, 2008
with contributions by Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, Brenda K. Delany, Wim Roefs, Lewis Tanner Moore, and Mary Anne Rose

157 pages

George Miyasaki

Magnolia Editions, Oakland, 2007
95 pages

Chère Tante Hanneke,

Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, 2006
148 pages

May Stevens: Crossing Time

I.D.E.A space at Colorado College, 2010
with contributions by Jessica Hunter Larsen, Katherine Giuffre, Rebecca Tucker, Judith Genova, Thomas Lindblade and Jane Hilberry 48 pages

Michael Mazur and Dante: A Different Paradise

USC Fischer Gallery, University of Southern California, 2006
with contributions by Selma R. Holo and Ariadni A. Liokatis

31 pages

Looking East, Brice Marden, Michael Mazur and Pat Steir

University of Washington Press, 2002

with contributions by John Stomberg and Catherine L. Blais

108 pages

Michael Mazur: l’Inferno di Dante

Electa, Milano, 2000
with contributions by Ceil Friedman, Giorgi Marini, Rosanna Warren

159 pages

Afghanistan: A Lexicon

Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, 2011
written by Mariam Ghani & Ashraf Ghani

45 pages

May Stevens: Images of Women Near and Far

Mary Ryan Gallery, New York, 1999
with contributions by Barbara Stern Shapiro

56 pages

Poetics and Politics in the Art of Rudolf Baranik

Humanities Press, New Jersey, 1997
with text by David Craven

211 pages

Emma Amos: Paintings and Prints 1982-1992

College of Wooster Art Museum, 1993
with contributions by Thalia Gouma-Peterson, bell hooks, and Valerie J. Mercer 88 pages

Through The Looking Glass: Clifford Ross

Hirmer Verlag, Munich, 2013
with contributions by Lee Yeakel, Andrew Austin, Paul Goldberger, Michael Mayer, Mack Scogin, and Merrill Elam

175 pages

Martine Gutierrez: Indigenous Woman

RYAN LEE Gallerz & Martine Gutierrez, 2018
124 pages

Anne-Karin Furunes: Back to Light

Industria Grafica SI.Z., Verona, Italy, 2017

faces reflecting the past at San Servolo Insane Asylum

with contributions by Andrea Berro, Daniela Ferretti, Maaretta Jaukkuri, Luigi Armiato, and Anna Zemella

90 pages


Andrew Raftery: The Autobiography of A Garden on Twelve Engraved Plates

Andrew Raftery, 2016
contribution by Cary Liebowitz

70 pages

Donald Sultan: The Disaster Paintings

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Delmonico Books & Prestel, 2016
edited by Alison Hearst, with an essay by Charles Wylie, and contributions by Marla Price, Alison Hearst, Max Blagg, and Sarah Hymes

151 pages

Flying Carpets: new paintings by David Schorr

RYAN LEE and Wesleyan University, 2016
essay by Jonathan Galassi

Clifford Ross: Hurricane Waves

MASS MoCA and MIT Press, 2015
with contributions by Phong Bui, Jay A. Clarke, and Orville Schell

174 pages

Seen & Imagined: The World of Clifford Ross

MASS by MoCA and MIT Press, 2015
edited by Jay A. Clarke and Joseph Thompson with essays by David Anfam, Quentin Bajac, Arthur C. Danto, Jack Flam, Nicholas Negroponte, Jock Reynolds, and Clifford Ross

348 pages

Gabriel Lester: Forced Perspectives

Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2015
with contributions by Lee Ambrozy, Philippe Pirotte, and Vivian Sky Rehberg

272 pages

Anne-Karin Furunes: Beyond The Portraits

Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja OÜ, 2014

with essays by Maaretta Jaukkuri and Ann-Charlotte Blomqvist Glasberg

64 pages

Anne-Karin Furunes: Shadows

Eurostampa, 2014

with contributions by Walter Hartsarich, Daniela Ferretti, Maaretta Jaukkuri, and Christina Da Roit

78 pages

Christopher Cook: A Sign of Things to Come

RYAN LEE, New York, 2013
with text by Tim Manley and Lauren Shohet

Sangbin IM: Works 2005–2012

RYAN LEE, New York and PKM Gallery, Seoul, 2013
with contributions by Aden Evens, Hanseung Ryu, Leeza Ahmady and Nan Rosenthal 228 pages

Josh Dorman: Lost Divers

with contributions by Nam Le and Mario Naves

40 pages

Apothecary (storehouse): new paintings by David Schorr

Mary Ryan Gallery and Wesleyan University, 2011

Angiola Gatti: Una Direzione In Un Andare

Prinp, 2010
with contributions by Raphael Rubinstein and Giorgi Verzotti

148 pages

Anne-Karin Furunes: Dialogue with Light

Parvs Publishing, Helinski, 2010

with contributions by Maaretta Jaukkuri and Leevi Haapala

152 pages

Goods: Paintings by David Schorr

Mary Ryan Gallery and Wesleyan University, 2008

Open House: five engraved scenes by Andrew Raftery

Mary Ryan Gallery, New York, 2008
design by David Schorr, with contributions by Stephen Bann

60 pages

Seong Chun

Gaain Gallery, Seoul, 2007
with contributions by Hyeyoung Shin

22 pages

Gabriel Lester: How to Act: Installations 2000-2006

Veenman Publishers, Rotterdamn, 2006
with contributions by Sara Arrhenius, Vasif Kortun, Raimundus Malašauskas, and Aaron Schuster

238 pages

May Stevens

Pomegranate Communications Inc., San Francisco, 2005
written by Patricia Hills with contributions by Phyllis Rose

160 pages

Seriously Playful: Paul Henry Ramirez 1995-2004

The University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, 2005
with contributions by Diana Natalicio, Kate Bonansinga, Lilly Wei, and Natasha Goldman

31 pages


Paul Henry Ramirez: Elevatious Transcendsualistic

The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, 2002
contributions by Ian Berry 64 pages

Anne-Karin Furunes: Please Please Come Closer

Galleri K Bjørn, Oslo, 2001

with contributions by Mika Hannula

46 pages

The Prints of Michael Mazur: With a Catalogue Raisonné 1956-1999

Hudson Hills Press and Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, New York, 2000
written by Trudy V. Hansen with contributions by Barry Walker, Clifford S. Ackley, and Lloyd Schwartz

222 pages

Reality Under Siege: A Retrospective: Sandy Skoglund

Smith College Museum of Art and Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, Northampton, 1998
with essays by Robert Rosenblum, Carol Squiers, Linda Muehlig, and Ann H. Sievers 199 pages

Michael Mazur: Monotypes for The Inferno

The University of Iowa Museum of Art, 1994
with contributions by Robert Pinsky and Stephen Prokopoff

28 pages