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Art Basel Miami Beach | Masako Miki: Hyakki Yagho, Night Parade of 100 Demons

Installation of Masako Miki, Hyakki Yagho, Night Parade of 100 Demons at Meridians Art Basel Miami Beach.
Masako Miki

RYAN LEE and CULT Aimee Friberg are pleased to present Masako Miki’s immersive, site-specific installation, Hyakki Yagho, Night Parade of 100 Demons at Meridians Art Basel Miami Beach. Presented as an enchanted parade for a vibrant world, Masako Miki’s immersive site-specific installation explores the intersection of mythology and contemporary social issues: challenging the notion of fixed identity by embracing dualities. Comprised of a set of felted wool sculptures, the semi-abstracted shapes achieved in bright colors and playful textures refer to the natural world and Tsukumogami shapeshifters (forgotten household items that become supernatural spirit entities). Serving as a bridge to engage the viewer, they evoke personal memories and connections to generate a sense of empathy. These fluid characters are rooted in Shinto animism, each representing constantly shifting mythologies within our segmented, plural reality.



Our lives are filled with mythologies, manipulated ideologies,
and fear-driven narratives that deepen chasms among us. I am convinced that we
need new mythologies to question old myths. We can update the myths.


– Masako Miki



Portrait of MASAKO MIKI, 2021. © ANDREW PAYTER
Portrait of Masako Miki, 2021. © Andrew Payter

With recent exhibitions at KMAC Contemporary Art Museum (2023), RYAN LEE Gallery (2023), and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (2019), Masako Miki (b. 1974 Osaka, Japan) has physically expanded the ideas behind her Shapeshifter series with immersive and interactive environments. By creating customized installations, Miki not only creates fluid and plural works of art but also places them in spaces of her own invention, thus drawing her viewers into bright and colorful spaces in which her art and ideas flourish. Recently, Miki created a new installation for Bay Area Now 9, a group exhibition spotlighting diverse Bay Area talent at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Miki’s work is held in the collections of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation; Collección SOLO; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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